I have been involved in and dedicated to the process of inspiring and educating our youth in the arts for over 13 years. I began the theatrical portion of my career at Access Theatre – designing and implementing youth programs and ensuring those programs were accessible to people with and without disabilities. As Director of Programs, I conceived and implemented artistic programs that were accessible to people with and without disabilities and of all ages, with an emphasis on youth programming. I produced and directed a music video that was tied to a workshop experience for teens and culminated in the creation of an original professional music video - shot on location at Santa Barbara Middle school - featuring a song that I wrote and produced.

While on tour internationally with Access Theatre, my role was split between technical crew and public relations, allowing me to work with audiences, staff, and equipment in a number of venues across the U.S. and in England.  Outreach to agencies serving people with disabilities increased audience numbers at performances across the nation for which I coordinated accessibility services. Having owned a sound and lighting company when I was 19 - learning stagecraft and technical theatre came easily as I traveled with Access - touring internationally with the highly acclaimed “Storm Reading.” This was also where I first came to understand the potential of the mentor-apprentice relationship - delving into the art of stagecraft under the tutelage of Ted Dolas and Tal Sanders.

In 1996, I came to the technical rescue of Otto Layman at Santa Barbara High School - who’s tech director quit unexpectedly three days before opening “The Raven.” That was my intro to more than a dozen artist residencies at SBHS – which included teaching the sixth and seventh period stagecraft and theatre production classes.

SBHS was also my intro to many other residencies throughout the district and positioned me as a lead consultant when it came to capital improvements in any of the school theatre spaces. I have consulted with Santa Barbara School District over the years on making capital and technical improvements at many of the campuses within the district - overseeing the design, purchase and installation of rigging, lighting and sound reinforcement. I have served on several committees overseeing the architectural renovation of theatrical spaces such as the Marge Luke Theater on the Santa Barbara Junior High campus and Santa Barbara High School's theater. I successfully lobbied for and oversaw the installation of a new 250 circuit lighting system at SBHS as well as shepherding many other acquisitions and installations throughout the district.

I have served more than twenty artistic residencies within the Santa Barbara School District as well as with private theatre groups - mentoring young people in the design of sets, lighting and sound for productions such as “Alice in Wonderland,” “Into the Woods,” “Greased Lightning,” "Peter Pan," an original Halloween production that I conceived called “Fright Night” and most recently, Stage Left Productions' offering of "Seussical." In the Summer of 2004 – I joined Stage Left Productions (founded by Shana Lynch and Steven Lovelace) - designing and teaching for their theatre arts camp – working with  kids 9-17 years old. I am consistently amazed at the richness of experience that takes place at this camp and the incredible creative work ethic that they embody.

My passion for theatre and other artistic disciplines – as a vehicle to affect positive social change in our youth – grows stronger by the moment. I am heavily interested and invested in the presence of the performing arts in our schools and the spaces in which the talents of our youth unfold. Beyond career, beyond personal fulfillment, I want to see our children receive all the gifts that theatre and the arts can offer. I want to see the spaces in which they share these experiences treated with respect. For us stage folk, theatre truly is transformational. It is a second home. It is a safe haven, a place to grow, learn, be inspired and let loose. It is community.

I would welcome any opportunity to continue this work with an organization that shares my beliefs in the value of arts education for our young people. Resume and references available upon request.